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J28. Nasseri, R., Bouzari, N., Huang, J., Golzar, H., Jankhani, S., Tang, X., Mekonnen, T.H., Aghakhani, A., Shahsavan, H., 2023. Programmable nanocomposites of cellulose nanocrystals and zwitterionic hydrogels for soft robotics. Nature Communications, 14(1), 6108. [Link to the paper]

J27. Pinchin NP., Guo H., Meteling H., Deng Z., Priimagi A., Shahsavan H., (2023), Liquid Crystal Networks Meet Water: It's Complicated!, Advanced Materials, 2303740 [Link to the paper]

J26. Chen C, Ruan Q., Nasseri R., Zhang H., Xi X., Xia H., Xu G., Xie Q., Yi C., Sun Z., Shahsavan H., Zhang W., (2022), Light‐Fueled Hydrogel Actuators with Controlled Deformation and Photocatalytic Activity, Advanced Science, 2204730 [Link to the paper]

J25.  Pinchin N. P., Lin C. H., Kinane C. A., Yamada N., Pena-Francesch A, and Shahsavan H., (2022), Plasticized liquid crystal networks and chemical motors for the active control of power transmission in mechanical devices, Soft Matter, in-press [Link to the paper]. [Cover page]

J24.  Yang Q., Shahsavan H., Deng Z., Guo H., Zhang H., Liu H., Zhang C., Priimagi A., Zhang X. and Zeng H., (2022), Semi‐Crystalline Rubber as a Light‐Responsive, Programmable, Resilient Robotic Material, Advanced Functional Materials, 2206939 [Link to the paper].

J23.  Yunusa M,. Adaka A., Aghakhani A., Shahsavan H., Guo Y., Alapan Y., Jákli A,. and Sitti M., (2021), Liquid Crystal Structure of Supercooled Liquid Gallium and Eutectic Gallium-Indium, Advanced Materials, 33(38), 202104807 [Link to the paper]. [Cover page]

J22.  Shahsavan H., Zhang M., Guo Y., Pena-Francesch A., Zhang Y., and Sitti M., (2021), Liquid Crystal Elastomer Actuated Reconfigurable Microscale Kirigami Metastructures, Advanced Materials, 33(25), 202008605 [Link to the paper]. [Cover page]

J21.  Guo Y., Shahsavan H., and Sitti M., (2020), Three-Dimensional Microstructures of Liquid Crystal Networks with Programmed Voxelated Director Fields, Advanced Materials, 32(38), 202002753 [Link to the paper].

J20.  Guo Y., Shahsavan H., and Sitti M., (2020), Microscale Polarization Color Pixels from Liquid Crystal Elastomers, Advanced Optical Materials, 8(17), 201902098 [Link to the paper].

J19.  Shahsavan H., Aghakhani A., Zeng H., Guo Y., Davidson Z.S., Priimagi A., and Sitti M., (2020), Bioinspired Underwater Locomotion of Liquid Crystal Gels, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  117 (10), 5125-5133 [Link to the paper]

J18.  Davidson Z.S., Shahsavan H., Aghakhani A., Guo Y., Hines L., Xia Y., Yang S., and Sitti M., (2019), Muscle-Like and Shape-Programmable Dielectric Liquid Crystal Elastomer Actuators, Science Advances, 5 (11), eaay0855 [Link to the paper].


J17.  Shahsavan H.†, Guo Y.†, Davidson Z. S.†, and Sitti M., (2019), Precise Control of Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystal Alignment through Surface Topography, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11 (39), 36110-36117 [Link to the paper]. [† Equal contribution]


J16.  Yu L., Shahsavan H., Rivers G., Zhang C., Si P., and Zhao B., (2018), Programmable 3D Shape Changes in Liquid Crystal Polymer Networks of Uniaxial Orientation, Advanced Functional Materials, 28 (37), 1802809 [Link to the paper]. [Cover page]


J15.  Neufeld R.A.E., Shahsavan H., Zhao B., and Abukhdeir N.M., (2018), Simulation-based Design of Thermally-driven Actuators using Liquid Crystal Elastomers, Liquid Crystals, 45 (7), 1010-1022  [Link to the paper].


J14.  Shahsavan H., Yu L., Jákli A., and Zhao, B., (2017), Smart Biomimetic Micro/Nanostructures Based on Liquid Crystal Elastomers & Networks, Soft Matter, 13, 8006-8022 [Link to the paper].


J13.  Jahed Z., Shahsavan H., Verma M. S., Rogowski J. L., Seo B. B., Zhao B., Tsui T. Y., Gu F. X., and Mofrad M. R. K., (2017), Bacterial Networks on Hydrophobic Micropillars, ACS Nano, 11(1), 675- 683 [Link to the paper]. [Cover page]

J12.  Shahsavan H., Salili S. M., Jákli A., and Zhao B., (2017), Thermally Active Liquid Crystal Network Gripper Mimicking the Self-peeling of Gecko Toe Pads, Advanced Materials, 29 (3), 1604021 [Link to the paper].


J11.  Shahsavan H.†, Liew K.†, and Zhao B., (2017), Functionally Graded Dry Adhesives Based on Film-Terminated Silicone Foam, Inter. Journal of Adhesives & Adhesion, 76, 47-73 [Link to the paper]. [† Equal contribution]


J10.  Shahsavan H., Salili S. M., Jákli A. and Zhao B., (2015), Smart Muscle-driven Self-cleaning of Biomimetic Microstructures from Liquid Crystal Elastomers, Advanced Materials, 27 (43), 6828-6833 [Link to the paper]. [Cover page]


J9.   Shahsavan H., Quinn J., d’Eon J., and Zhao B., (2015), Surface Modification of PDMS Elastomer for Stable Hydrophilicity, Optical Transparency and Film Lubrication, Colloids & Surfaces A., 482, 267– 275 [Link to the paper].


J8.   Pan Z., Shahsavan H., Zhang W., Yang F. K., and Zhao B., (2015), Superhydro-oleophobic Bioinspired Polydimethylsiloxane Micropillared Surface via FDTS Coating/Blending Approaches, Applied Surface Science, 324, 612-620 [Link to the paper].


J7.   Shahsavan H., and Zhao B., (2014), Bio-inspired Functionally Graded Adhesive Materials: Synergetic Interplay of Top Viscous-elastic Layers with Base Micropillars, Macromolecules, 47 (1), 353– 364 [Link to the paper].

J6.   McDonald B., Shahsavan H., and Zhao B., (2014), Pattern Transfer of Biomimetic Micro-Structures to a Thermoset Epoxy - Characterization of Wetting, Hydrophobicity and Friction Behavior, Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 299 (2), 237-247 [Link to the paper].


J5.   Arunbabu D., Shahsavan H., Zhang W. and Zhao B., (2013), Effects of Cross-linking Density on the Indentation Behavior of P(AAc-co-MBA) Hydrogel Films, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 117 (1), 441–449 [Link to the paper].


J4.   Shahsavan H., and Zhao B., (2012), Biologically inspired enhancement of pressure-sensitive adhesives using a thin film-terminated fibrillar interface, Soft Matter, 8, 8281–8284 [Link to the paper]. [Cover page]


J3.   Shahsavan H., Arunbabu D., and Zhao B., (2012), Bio-inspired Modification of Polymeric Surfaces: A Promising Pathway for fabrication of Smart Interfaces, Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 278 (8), 743–760 [Link to the paper].


J2.   Shahsavan H., and Zhao B., (2011), Conformal Adhesion Enhancement on Biomimetic Microstructured Surfaces, Langmuir, 27 (12), 7732–7742 [Link to the paper].


J1.   Monemian S. A., Shahsavan H., Bolouri O., Taranejoo S., Goodarzi V., Torabi-Angaji M., (2010), A Stacked Neural Network Approach for Yield Prediction of Propylene Polymerization, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 116, 1237–1246 [Link to the paper]. ​

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